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Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:44:06 EST 2017

Hey everybody!

We have a busy next few days. (even ignoring the Nintendo Switch launch) First
things first: we have a meeting this *Tuesday at 9:00 PM in Lieb 120*, as

3 part plan is as follows:

   - Open up nominations for eboard
   - Get a preview of our club's board game supplies (more on this below)
   - *Oculus Rift + Touch demo with Chris Hittner*

We'll have a lot to talk about so please come down!

As the title says, we're gonna hold *Board Game Jam this Wednesday*! We're
holding it at *Aether Game Cafe *(between 5th and 6th on Washington, by
Cheesesteaks). There are two main parts to the jam:

   - At *2:00 PM* (during Academic Break), we can go down and talk to John,
   a manager at Aether with tons of board game background. He'll talk about
   what makes board games tick, and will be available as a resource to bounce
   ideas off of as the jam begins
   - At *9:00 PM *the final stretch of the Jam will begin. Members that
   couldn't make it out to the earlier session are invited to come, and we'll
   work on the games until 10:30 or so, whereupon we will playtest and discuss
   our favorites!

Things to note:

   - *There is a $5 seating fee at Aether. *You can use Duckbills, or
   otherwise. If you use non-Duckbills, they can give you a $5 gift
   certificate to use on coffee, a snack, or even part of a dice set for your
   game. Just tell them you're with us. Once you've paid you can come and go
   at your leisure (assuming the whole place isn't full to the brim)
   - *We have supplies, but not unlimited. *We have some basic art
   supplies, some blank board game boards, blank playing cards, some dice,
   wooden tokens, etc. The whole inventory will be on display this Tuesday to
   give you an idea of what we do and do not have. It is highly recommended
   that you bring your own supplies, especially if we don't have what you're
   looking for.
      - If we don't have something you were really hoping for, let us know
      and we can try to stock it for next time we run this event
   - *Have fun!* Work in teams, or alone. Card games, board games, and
   social games are all acceptable. I'm excited to see what everybody comes up

See you guys Tuesday at 9, and see you on Wednesday for board game jam!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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