[SGDC] Board Game Jam Post-Mortem

Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 19:19:26 EST 2017

Hey all!

Sorry for the lateness of this email -- the past few days have been a
whirlwind. Board Game Jam was fun this past Wednesday at Aether Game Cafe.
We learned a bunch about what did and didn't work this time, and we'll look
into getting better supplies and mixing up the planning a bit.

On that note, as Aether was closing at 11pm and participants wanted more
time to work on their games, we decided to use our upcoming 3/7 meeting as
a Closing Ceremony of sorts. Feel free to work on something at this
Weekend's Epic LAN (SWITCH HYPE), or otherwise in your spare time to bring
on Tuesday! We'll have a showcase and a playtest session. It'll be a fun
break into a different world of game dev.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Board Game Jam, and I'll see you all on
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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