Jake Lovrin jlovrin at stevens.edu
Tue May 2 12:19:50 EDT 2017

Hey everyone!

Tonight we're going to be wrapping up the semester by showing off the games
we made and enjoying pizza and snacks! Please come bring a game you've made
and either want play-testing feedback for, or just want to let everyone see
your awesome creations!

PLEASE! Invite your friends! We always love seeing new faces and we want
the general public to see all the hard work we put into these games!

Also, we will officially be opening theme suggestions for Summer Jam along
with reiterating our plans for the summer.

A huge thank you to everyone for a fantastic semester; we hope to stay in
touch with you all over the summer and make the Fall semester even better!

See you tonight!
Jake Lovrin
SGDC Secretary
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