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Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Tue Aug 28 09:49:51 EDT 2018

Hello everyone!

*[[ TL;DR: Welcome those who are new to the club! First meeting tonight,
BC122 at 9! Introductions to the club and each other! First event is Learn
Jam, Sunday 9/16. More info soon. Links to discord and social media at the
bottom! ]] (*https://discord.gg/5NZ2TXc*)* <https://discord.gg/5NZ2TXc>

For many of you, this is going to be the first email you receive from us
here at SGDC, and before anything else, we'd like to say welcome! We really
appreciate all the interest you showed at club fair this past weekend and
are looking forward to meeting you guys at our first GBM tonight at 9:00 PM
in BC 122. There, we're going to be going over some of the things we do in
SGDC, how meetings usually run, and what events we have planned. In
addition to that, we'll be doing some introducing ourselves and getting to
know each other. Mostly, we'd love to hear what got those of you new to the
club interested in joining, what you hope to get out of the club, and
things you'd like to see from us this semester and in the future. Following
that up, it'd be awesome to hear from those of you who are returning
members what got you interested when you joined and what you feel you've
gotten out of the club so far.
We'll discuss it more at the meeting and there will be an email regarding
this when the date gets closer, but save the date: Sunday, September 16th
will be our first event of the semester, Learn Jam! This event will be a
collection of introductory level tutorials in various game dev tools such
as engines, asset design, and git, a perfect way to build a foundation of
the game dev skills you'd like to develop regardless of prior experience or
a lack thereof. Again, more info regarding that will come out as the date
draws closer.

As promised, there is a link to our discord server and our social media
accounts at the bottom of this email. Join us to keep up with all the
things we do and never miss out on any new info!

Thanks again for showing such a tremendous amount of interest at club fair,
and we can't wait to meet all of you at our first meeting!

See you soon,
Nick C.

SGDC Discord: https://discord.gg/5NZ2TXc
Instagram: @stevensgdc
Twitter: @stevensgdc

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