[SGDC] Game Jam D Results and Current Eboard Nominations

Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Wed Nov 14 18:15:56 EST 2018

Hello everyone!

Quick thanks again to everyone who participated in and came out to Game Jam
D! We hope you guys had as good of a time with it as we did. As you may
know, the results were announced at yesterday's meeting. In case you missed
it, here are the results:

1st: Delve into Madness (Leo Ouyang, Nick Quidas, James Lizotte, James
Leeson, John DeLillo, John Marcellino)
2nd: Spacetime Diplomacy (Nick Ciulla & Katie Bryant)
3rd: Force 2 (Anna Brown & Lachlan Wright)

Best Visual: Orbital Ordinance (Richard Kopelow)
Best Audio: Delve into the Node (Jake Lovrin)
Most Technically Impressive: Rule Breaker (Derek Kellerman & Luke Jacob)

The other significant update from yesterdays meeting is standing eboard
nominations! Currently, these are the nominations we have for the four

President: Jake Lovrin
Vice President: Nick Ciulla, Jared Bass
Secretary: Quinn Corcoran, Owen Zila, Brad Bachrach
Treasurer: Quinn Corcoran, Owen Zila, Brad Bachrach

See you all soon!
Nick C.
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