[SGDC] Meeting Tonight - Game Jam C, Git, and Game Dev Docs

Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Tue Sep 25 15:35:00 EDT 2018

Hey everyone!

[[TL;DR: Meeting is in NB105 tonight. GJC details (theme submissions
<https://goo.gl/forms/4s6vbm8ABSjWDgOw1> open, git lesson, game dev doc!]]

Tonight’s meeting is moved to North Building 105 (the one between Jonas and
CPH). We’ll be fleshing out details of the upcoming Game Jam C,
particularly discussing some suggestions for prizes and a briefing of how
we run game jams for those of you who have not experienced an SGDC Jam
before. Speaking of GJC, the theme suggestions
<https://goo.gl/forms/4s6vbm8ABSjWDgOw1> are still open! Submit your theme
ideas you’d like to see that start with the letter C on this form to put
your suggestions on the list that we’ll choose from randomly before the
opening ceremony!

We know a good chunk of you were bummed that the Git lesson didn’t happen
at Learn Jam, so we’ll be covering it at tonight’s meeting for those still

Lastly, we’ll show a bit about game design documentation, how it’s
developed, and how it can help establish a clear itinerary for a dev team
and streamline the process a bit.

See you tonight,
Nick C.
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