[SGDC] Welcome back! First Meeting Tomorrow

Nicholas Ciulla nciulla at stevens.edu
Mon Jan 21 23:21:58 EST 2019

Hey everyone! *[[TL;DR: Welcome back! First meeting tomorrow! BC122, 9pm as
per norm. Winter Jam closing (present stuff you worked on over break)!
Enter at sgdc.ml/wj3 <http://sgdc.ml/wj3>! Being secretary was great, love
you guys, and don't be too hard on Quinn!]]*

First of all, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and winter break! Nothing
says welcome back like some good ol' 15 degree January weather, but welcome
back! We look forward to seeing all of you again at our first meeting of
the semester, taking place tomorrow night at the usual time and place, 9 pm
in BC 122. This meeting will be the closing ceremony of this past Winter
Jam, which is really more of an opportunity for you guys to present
anything you've worked on over the break. If you've got a project you
worked on that you'd like to share with the club, we encourage you to join
the jam over at sgdc.ml/wj3!

Since this will be my last email to you guys as your secretary, I just
wanted to say that I've really enjoyed my time in this position. It has
been so awesome to be a part of this club's development throughout the
course of the past semester, and I can't wait to see where it goes in the
future. I love all of you guys, and I'm so excited to kick off the semester
once again!

See you soon,
Nick C.
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