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Quinn Corcoran qcorcora at stevens.edu
Tue Jan 29 10:18:19 EST 2019

Hey all,

We will be in 122 this week
Game Jam E soon, theme predecided
New E-board, SGDC plays today

To start off, thank you to everyone who presented on Tuesday, we had a
really strong start to the semester already! And thank you to everyone who
came to see the games as well. It’s a new year and with that comes a new
Eboard. I (Quinn) will be taking over the email department as of now, I
hope you all look forward to many more emails from me and the boss baby

Tonight we will be doing SGDC plays, featuring two similar albeit also very
different games. What those games are you’ll have to come to check it out
for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it! Along with playing the games,
we will be discussing what we like about the games, what they did better
than each other and how the games’ respective art and gameplay styles
worked for them

With winter jam now over, we are now preparing for Game Jam E, so be on the
lookout for another email about that and our posters around campus. The
theme this time around has already been decided, however, and while it is
unique we hope to see you all still participating.

Quinn C.
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