[SGDC] Meeting tonight 9PM Babbio 122

Quinn Corcoran qcorcora at stevens.edu
Tue Sep 24 14:40:12 EDT 2019

brainstorm meeting tonight,
learn jam vids out soon
game jam theme submissions

Hey all, hope you had a good weekend. If you came to learn jam hopefully
you learned something new or if not, just had a good time. Tonight we will
be doing a meeting to get your juices flowing for game jam coming up in a
few weeks. So tonight we will be splitting up into teams and coming up with
a game for a random theme followed by a short presentation on your games.
Also the videos from learn jam are not out yet but they will be soon so if
you didn't get the chance to catch our presentations live but still wanna
find out what you missed, we'll link them soon. Lastly, the game jam g
theme submission form is out and you can find it in announcements so start
thinking of ideas if you haven't already. Hope to see you all tonight,

Quinn M. Corcoran
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