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Jared M Pincus jpincus at stevens.edu
Mon Jan 20 17:39:38 EST 2020

No meeting this week.
First meeting next week: Tuesday, 1/28 @ 9pm, location TBD. Agenda includes winter jam closing, housekeeping, and semester planning!

Welcome to the new year everyone! Nick, Owen, Wes, and I are excited to have a fun and productive semester. Our metaphorical doors are always open, so feel free to come to any of us with feedback or ideas throughout the coming months!
No one's keen on having a meeting the very first day of classes, so our first meeting will be next Tuesday (Jan. 28th) at 9pm. I'll send an update to y'all once we have the location squared away.
At the meeting, we'll conclude the winter jam so anyone who made something neat over break can show off their work. We'll also discuss our big plans for the upcoming semester, along with standard housekeeping. This includes some ideas for subsequent meetings, the scheduling of game jams and other events, a potential LAN collaboration with C2GS for GDTS, and some completely new things you'll just have to come and find out about! Have a great and hopefully painless first week of classes, and we'll see y'all next week!

Jared Pincus
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