[Themaintainers] Looking for bibliography: repair and material culture

Tom Okie wtokie at gmail.com
Wed May 3 12:48:28 EDT 2017

Hi Steve, and Lee,
I’d certainly add Susan Strasser, *Waste and Want* to that list, 
especially for her fascinating description of the global rag trade from 
rural housewives, to tin peddlers, to the rag rooms of urban paper 

Tom Okie

On 3 May 2017, at 12:22, Lee Vinsel wrote:

> Hi, Steve!
> Thanks for the question. For a general bibliography of 
> maintenance/repair,
> I've seen lots of folks—including Andy Russell and me—rely on this 
> handy
> list put together by Alain Bovet of the Wohnforum at ETH Zurich (note: 
> it
> doesn't capture publications post-2015):
> http://www.wohnforum.arch.ethz.ch/sites/default/files/dateien/bibliography_repair_work10.03.2015_2.pdf
> See also their project description:
> http://www.wohnforum.arch.ethz.ch/en/repair-maintenance-and-urban-assemblage
> Regarding textiles, I don't have specific sources, though I am 
> generally
> interested in how some industrialized nations moved from a world where
> repairing clothing was the norm to a world where most clothing was/is
> disposable. (Historian Nina Lerman got me thinking about this.) With 
> this
> thought in mind, I've been hoping to return to Laurel Thatcher 
> Ulrich's
> _Age of Homespun_ to see if she addresses any of these themes. (She 
> does
> cover many maintenance/repair related topics in her midwife book.)
> I also know that some STS scholars are interested in the 
> maintenance/repair
> of textiles and have been exploring related, typically-gendered 
> metaphors,
> like "mending." But sadly I don't know where to point you for this 
> work.
> Perhaps some other folks on this list will know.
> Best,
> Lee
> On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 6:39 PM, Steven Lubar <steven_lubar at brown.edu> 
> wrote:
>> Any suggestions for readings that might be useful for a graduate 
>> course?
>> I'm especially interested in textiles.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
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