[Themaintainers] urban park maintenance work

christoph at usp.br christoph at usp.br
Wed May 31 07:40:36 EDT 2017

Dear Maintainers, 

I have conducted an ethnographic research on the maintenance of Tiergarten, 
Berlin's oldest and most fascinating park, 
as my Master Thesis in Urban Design at TU Berlin. 

As far as I am concerned, there is little research on urban park maintenance work, 
although the conditions for the gardeners are changing dramatically. 

I would like to share my findings with a wider communit y, 
but the thesis is written in Germany, to a rather local audience, I guess. 

If you are aware of a journal/platform/etc. where I could submit a paper, 
summing up my findings in English, I would be glad to hear from you! 

Warm regards from Berlin, 
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