[Themaintainers] Labor and Maintenance theme issue of Technology's Stories

John Davis jn.d.davis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 10:57:24 EST 2018


I wrote a 3,000 word narrative history about the Mississippi levees,
slavery, and maintenance during the Civil War era for SHOT's web-based
publication, "Technology's Stories" (www.technologystories.org). The
editors floated the idea of putting together a theme issue of brief, punchy
narratives about labor and maintenance to be published in the coming
months. I told them I knew just the right listserv to seek other

If you are interested in writing something along these thematic lines, or
have a good story from the archives that is burning a hole in your pocket,
please send me an email with a brief pitch and we'll see if we can make
this happen.



John Dean Davis
Ph.D. Candidate - Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning
Harvard University
jdavis at fas.harvard.edu
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