[Themaintainers] Repair Work Ethnographies and a Request

Lee Vinsel lee.vinsel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 11:12:18 EST 2019

Hello, everybody.

I can't remember if this has gone out to the list already, but I wanted to
draw (or re-draw) everyone's attention to new book on repair work. Edited
by Ignaz Strebel, Alain Bovet, and Phillipe Sormani, *Repair Work
Ethnographies: Revisiting Breakdown, Relocating Materiality*
together about ten ethnographies, including several by folks who have
presented at or been involved in The Maintainers. I paste a description of
the volume below.

This brings me to my request: in the coming months, The Maintainers
organization will be revamping its communications efforts, and we would
love to highlight new publications on maintenance, repair, infrastructure,
and related topics. So, if you or others have something coming out, please
let us know, and we will be happy to promote the work! Thanks.



Repair Work Ethnographies: Revisiting Breakdown, Relocating Materiality
This pioneering book homes in on repair as an everyday practice. Bringing
together exemplary ethnographies of repair work around the world, it
examines the politics of repair, its work settings and intricate networks,
in and across a wide range of situations, lay and professional. The book
evidences the topical relevance of situated inquiry into breakdown, repair,
and maintenance for engaging with the contemporary world more broadly.
Airplanes and artworks, bicycles and buildings, cars and computers, medical
devices and mobile phones, as virtually any commodity, infrastructure or
technical artifact, have in common their occasional breakdown, if not
inbuilt obsolescence. Hence the point and purpose of closely examining how
and when they are fixed.

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Department of Science, Technology, and Society
Virginia Tech
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