[cs615asa] EC2 command line tool

Pengfei Liu pliu3 at stevens.edu
Wed Feb 2 10:04:45 EST 2011

 Dear Zahra,

 The homework file is named "$USER-hw1". What is the username?

 If I choose the web browser on Linux-lab hosts, some prerequisites are
already installed in Linux-lab hosts. Do I need to mention them or give
details about how to install them?

 Thank you for your time!

 Pengfei Liu

 On Mon 31/01/11 9:31 PM , zahra rajabbaigi zrajabba at stevens.edu sent:
 Hello everyone,

  If you have any problem in working with command line tool, send  your
questions to the mailing list or my email address : zrajabba at stevens.edu
[1]   z.rajabbeigy at gmail.com [2]
 you can also use EC2 documentation which is pretty useful  
  http://aws.amazon.com/documentation/ec2/ [3]

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[1] mailto:zrajabba at stevens.edu
[2] mailto:z.rajabbeigy at gmail.com
[3] http://aws.amazon.com/documentation/ec2/
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