[cs615asa] HW#6 grades sent

Jan Schaumann jschauma at cs.stevens.edu
Mon May 9 00:05:09 EDT 2011


I have sent out grades for HW#6.  If you did not receive your grade for
HW#6, but you did submit something and you did also receive an
acknowledgement for my having received your submission, please let me
know asap.

(If you didn't submit anything, then your grade for HW#6 is obviously

I'd like to suggest that almost all of you review the assignment and the
comments I gave you for HW#3.  I'm fairly sure I wrote on the whiteboard
in class a number of times how to do the 'dd' backup, yet many of you
continued to insist to first backup everything to a local file before
copying it to the remote instance.

The backup should instead have been done via:

tar <flags> <dir> | <encrypt-or-not> | ssh host "dd of=/dev/disk"

I'd also like to suggest that you review how the EC2_RUN_INSTANCES_FLAGS
would be passed by the user to the 'ec2-run-instances' commands.  I
thought I had explained that, too, more than once.

If a use needs to pass any flags to the 'ec2-run-instances' command,
they would put them into the EC2_RUN_INSTANCES_FLAGS environment
variable.  You would then use that variable (blindly):

ec2-run-instances <flags-you-absolutely-need> $EC2_RUN_INSTANCES_FLAGS


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