[cs615asa] HW4 - AWS Volume Question

kbodzak kbodzak at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 19 14:42:27 EDT 2013


In terms of the volumes we are supposed to be attaching / detaching to 
an instance, I have the following questions:

1) You mention that the -t <tag> option is to specify a volume with the 
given 'tag'. Does this refer to a volume having a specific tag with key 
<tag>, or that it has a tag called 'name' with a specific value of 

2) When we are attaching an automatically created volume to a specified 
instance, are we allowed to assume what type of formatting / mounting 
procedure should be used and give an error if it is incompatible?

3) If we attempt to ensure that a specified volume has sufficient space 
for the backup, should we use the same metric we do for creating a new 
one? (at least 2x as much space as the target directory)


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