[cs615asa] Some suggestions about the delayed classes.

hchen29 hchen29 at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 3 18:31:11 EST 2015

Hello Professor,
It is unfortunately that our class was cancelled by the storm for three 
weeks. What is even worse, as what I can see from the forecast, there 
will be a storm on this weekend. The snow will continue to the next 
Monday, which means that we will possibly miss the next class again. I 
want to suggest that if you can give us some materials about the courses 
content, so that we can learn by ourselves. As what you said, an system 
administrator should be able to read a lot of documents and have the 
ability to learn by oneself. In that case, we can reduce the losses of 
the cancelled classes.

best regards,
Hanxiong Chen

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