[cs615asa] SSH connection problem solved! share some experiences

hchen29 hchen29 at stevens.edu
Thu Jan 29 18:29:16 EST 2015

Hello everyone,
Thanks everyone who gives me advice. The problem with my ssh connection 
problem has solved. Here I want to share my experience with you.
1.Description of the problem:
   After I run the instance, I cannot use ssh to connect to the instance. 
It always gives out the message "Permission denied(publickey)".

There are two possible reasons for this error:
(1) your private key is not correct
(2) the username you use to connect to the instance is incorrect.

(1) Check your private key file. After using command "create-key-pair", 
the output is the private key with fingerprint at the very beginning and 
the name of the key pair at last. Your private key file should should 
not include those two parts. Just keep the ----begin RSA--- to ---the 
end of RSA--- part. At first, I didn't delete the fingerprint and the 
name at last, then the private key cannot be recognized.
(2) If you have a correct private key file, but error goes on, then you 
should check the username.
    "ssh -i mykey USERNAME at ec2-*-*-*.com"
     The username are different by the providers. It's decided by which 
image do you use. Here is a link from Amazon to tell you which username 
do you need to use. 
     If it is because that you use a wrong username, the problem may have 
another situation. It will ask you to enter password to login the 

I hope this can help someone with the same problem. Again, thank you for 
your advice!

Hanxiong Chen

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