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Rosanna D Pangelinan rpangeli at stevens.edu
Sat Apr 6 00:14:42 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

Here's the Red Team's link for this week's topic:


The article discusses ways ransomware can target backups and affect disaster recovery. Not only can ransomware corrupt production data, they can target and destroy data on backup servers as well. Some of the ways they can do this include:

- accessing backup servers' shares
- analyzing backup system configurations to determine the backup locations and/or credentials
- exploiting a vulnerability in a backup software (i.e. open APIs)
- stealing admin credentials

Also wanted to share that last Sunday was "World Backup Day".

"It’s not only a day for backing up your personal data, but it’s also a day to talk about the enormous task of preserving our increasingly digital heritage and cultural works for future generations."

Red Team

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