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This week, the black team is sharing links about how to choose the correct
disaster recovery platform and how to ensure your backups are safe and
secure. Knowing which tools to implement for disaster recover is just as
important as having the disaster recovery in place. You need to set up a
system that will be the most efficient.

Our first two links ([1] and [2]) discuss exactly this. The two part article
goes into depth about how to know what to plan for (and how to actually
plan for it). For example, the article says “For example, if all you need to do
is to be able to locally restore a single workstation, then purchasing a
disaster recovery solution that includes a virtual recovery environment, and
automated workflow is completely bonkers”. The article also helps with
determining main recover targets, objectives, and methods. It provides great
base-level knowledge about disaster recovery.

Each different platform that you use has their own backup (and backup
validation service). Having an invalid backup servers no purpose.
Azure has ASDK, Oracle has RMAN, etc. Our last link [3] details how one would go
about setting up backup validation for someone using Rubrik for data management.
Although it is a pretty tight use case scenario (as it is specific to one plat
form) the article, albeit short, demonstrates how to use their platform and how
it can aid in backup and disaster recovery.

There are plenty of other articles that you all can look up that are also great.

[1] https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/choosing-the-right-disaster-recovery-solution-part-1-defining-the-disasters
[2] https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/Choosing-the-right-disaster-recovery-solution-part-2
[3] https://www.rubrik.com/blog/automation-to-validate-in-rubrik-backups/

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