[cs615asa] HW1 Grades

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Fri Feb 15 12:38:07 EST 2019


I've just sent out grades for HW1.  If you didn't receive an email with
your grade, pleae let me know.  As this was a warm-up exercise, most of
you did well enough on it, and we're ready for more challenging

In addition to what we discussed in class when we reviewed the
assignment, I'd like to point out that you should always include in your
writeup for any of the assignments in this class a section on insights,
problems overcome, interesting observations etc.

The more detail you provide me with regarding what you've done or what
issues you ran into, the better I'll be able to give you credit.

Secondly, please make sure to properly format your text as outlined (and
shown in example) in https://stevens.netmeister.org/615/hw.txt.

Lastly, make sure to always carefully read _and understand_ the output
of the commands you run.  Make note of anything that strikes you as
unusual (e.g., 'fdisk' claiming that all partitions are unused, or 'df'
reporting negative amount of disk space), try to come up with an
explanation or speculation, and include that in your notes.


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