[cs615asa] Blue Team Link Week 5

Rozy Gupta rgupta11 at stevens.edu
Mon Feb 25 15:46:30 EST 2019

Hi all,

This week, Blue Team will discuss about the topic related to last lecture's discussion "Multi Factor Authentication" and the benefits associated with it from the perspective of security.

This method of Authentication helps to use more secure ways of authenticating a user instead of using only username and password authentication.

While many organizations deploy multiple security controls designed to reduce their attack footprint and insulate their data and systems against attack, those protective controls are nullified if an attacker can obtain a valid set of user credentials to the environment.

Multi-factor authentication has evolved as the single most effective control to insulate an organization against remote attacks and when implemented correctly, can prevent most threat actors from easily gaining an initial foothold into an organization, even if credentials become compromised.


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