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That's what threw me though was he didn't want us to actually mount it
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When you attach a volume to your instance, the volume name for AWS EC2 is "/dev/sdf", but the instance OS itself will probably assign a different volume name.

You can read more about it here:

But for the NetBSD amis, the correct mapping isn't shown at that link.
If you look at dmesg(8) after you mount the volume, you'll see what it gets mounted as.

Like the Professor mentioned in the last class, you'll also want to write to the entire disk, which is partition "d".

Hope this helps,

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Did anyone else meet the same problem? I attached a volume on an instance as /dev/sdf, but when I use command tar cf - / |ssh -o stricthostkeychecking=no %s root at instanceDNS "dd of=/dev/sdf".it can only write into /dev/xbd1a rather than /dev/sdf. What should I do?

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