[cs631apue] HW5 questions

Simon Sidhom ssidhom at stevens.edu
Sun Dec 4 16:10:03 EST 2011

Hi Professor,
I'm not sure if we talked about this in class but I am having a lot of
trouble getting the NetBSD version of ls to compile on the linux lab. There
is no util.h and I get a long list of errors from references to functions
that don't exist. Did you teach us a more practical way of dealing with
this instead of re-writing all of the missing functions? Am I just missing
a compiler argument to link util.h? I feel like I'm working too hard for
this to be a homework about CVS, diff, and patch. I have used all three
successfully in the past. However, I am having problems with a part of the
homework that seems irrelevant to those three functions. I found some links
on "cross-compiling" is that what we are supposed to use? Or, are we
expected to replace all the missing functions? Sorry if I'm missing
something trivial, I didn't make it to all the lectures.
Thanks you,
Simon S. Sidhom
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