[cs631apue] midterm grades

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Fri Nov 4 17:27:15 EDT 2011


I have just sent out the midterm grades.  If you have not received a
grade, please let me know ASAP.

Here are a few of the cases I used to test your program:

Run the following commands and compare the output of the system command
with your program:

alias ls='ls -1'

ls -l
ls -la
ls -lai
ls -lart
ls -d
ls -d .

ls -R ~
ls -l /home/*

cd /tmp
mkfifo /tmp/foo
ln -s foo bar
ln -s blah foo
touch -t 200101010000 baz
touch -t 201101010000 bay
touch -t 201111110000 bax
touch -t 201111020000 baw
chmod 700 bat
chmod 2403 baz
touch "foo bar"
touch foo^V<return>bar
touch foo^V^Gbar
ls -lF
ls -w
ls | more
ls > out
ls -1
ls -1 -l -1 -m -l

export BLOCKSIZE=1024
ls -l

export TZ=PST8PDT
ls -lk
ls -lmlh

ls -lR /

Obviously there are many other invocations that can be tested (and many
other were), and of course I also paid attention to the quality if your
code, the readability etc.

For the most part, everything went reasonably well.  Please review the
corner cases and where your program did not perform as well compared to
the reference implementation.  That will help you understand what to pay
attention to when you write your next tool.


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