[cs631apue] More questions for hw4

afonsec1 afonsec1 at stevens.edu
Sat Nov 12 16:32:13 EST 2011

	1. If IPv6 is enabled, should sws only accept IPv6 addresses and 
reject IPv4 ones ? or can the user enters a IPv4 address (ie  
and sws should handle it even with IPv6b enabled?
	2. http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/cgi/  doesn't work. For the CGI 
functionality, you mention that any output is generated, but can you be 
more specific on this? For the cgi scripts, what language do you want us 
to use?
	3. Besides all requests, I do extra informational logging on debugging 
mode, If the user uses option -l [file], do you want only requests in 
the file?
	4. For port numbers 0 to 65535, are there a valid range (like outside 
of the well-known port numbers) that you want us to be? For example if 
the user enters port 80, do you want us to reject the giving port?
	5. For the encryption mechanism, What is the behavior is the users 
enable secure mode but fail to give the key?
	6. For hw4, do we need to support the GET and HEAD requests?
	7. In term of work, what is the difference between the final  project 
and hw4? If we support all the command options functionalities, what do 
we have left for the final project?


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