[cs631apue] Final Questions

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Dec 17 10:11:14 EST 2012

Jan Schaumann <jschauma at stevens.edu> wrote:
> You can, if you like to, use any of the following systems:
> cs631-netbsd.netmeiter.org
> cs631-omnios.netmeister.org
> cs631-rhel.netmeister.org
> linux-lab.cs.stevens.edu
> As with all previous assignments, your code will be tested to compile
> without warnings on linux-lab.cs.stevens.edu.

I've shut down cs631-omnios.netmeister.org and
cs631-rhel.netmeister.org.  If you need a host with working IPv6
connectivity, cs631-netbsd.netmeister.org remains online until the final
exam deadline.


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