[cs631apue] Regarding git authentication with cs631apue.netmeister.org

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Tue Oct 18 10:24:03 EDT 2016

Bradford Smith <bsmith8 at stevens.edu> wrote:
> Running the git clone command from the Linux Lab machines will authenticate with
> git without issues. If you wish to also clone the git repository on the
> netmeister machine there are two possible solutions that I can think of:
>     1. Copy your ssh key to the netmeister machine:
>         - an afterthought as I'm writing this, you will probably need to scp
>         both the public and private key files for this to work

No, you'd only need the private key.  The public key is already on the
system in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and is what allows you to log in.

But as you noted, the second approach is better:

>     2. Because the git repository is local to the machine you are on you can use
>     the file protocol in your git clone command
>         - this makes the command:
>             `git clone file:///usr/local/apue/<your group>`

This way, your private key does not need to be copied around and remains
private (on linux-lab or wherever you store it).


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