[cs631apue] Test Cases and C Vulnerabilities

Liam Brew lbrew at stevens.edu
Tue Sep 1 12:05:09 EDT 2020

Hello all,

It was nice to meet everyone yesterday. I'm looking forward to a good semester together. As this is my first course that deals primarily with C, I was wondering how this language's code is typically evaluated in an academic setting. While I assume test cases such as erroneous inputs are very likely, I'm not sure about more malicious ones such as stack smashing/overflows, string manipulations, and so on. If anyone can chime in with their experiences, maybe we can compile a solid list of cases to consider so that there are less surprises grading-wise.

Thanks! See you soon.

Very respectfully,

Liam Brew<https://www.linkedin.com/in/lbrew/>
B.E. Software Engineering 2021

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