[Sgdc] Meeting tomorrow at 9:00PM (Stevens Game Development Club Competition)

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Tue Oct 28 00:21:01 EDT 2008

Greetings folks,

*This is a reminder that tomorrow at 9:00PM in Babbio 220 we will be having
a SGDC meeting (not an Imagine Cup meeting).*

We're going to set up a small competition between the club members and see
who can make the best* small scale game. I'll let everyone at the meeting
decide how the competition will run (rules and stuff). The games will be
fun, creative, weird, unexplainable, etc.. there will be no theme. There
will be prizes and everything else will be up to you. The only catch is: the
game has to be made with XNA, which is amazingly easy!

So come out tomorrow and let's get this thing rolling! I'll show some small
examples about how easy it is to get started with XNA and how you can roll a
game out in less than a weekend.

Next tuesday I'm inviting a professional flash game designer who will give
everyone some real life tips about making small scale games and how he
created a career out of a hobby. I hope everyone will like that!

Let me know if you have any questions!

*most filled with win!
"I'm not even angry,
I'm being so sincere right now."

Theodore M. Reed
Alpha Sigma Phi - Brotherhood Development Chair
Information Technology Consultant
Microsoft Student Partner
Stevens Institute of Technology
(609) - 287 - 0534
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