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Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Mon Apr 6 22:28:09 EDT 2009

Attention SGDC!
Do you want to develop a video game using top-secret technology? Do you like
making money? Do you want a major gold star on your resume? Do you hate
exercising? Well, have we got the summer activity for you!

Each summer, Stevens offers the Technogenesis research program, where
students get paid $3500, plus room and board, to perform research for a
professor. Past scholarships have been for pulse-pounding research on
subjects like Development of Metal Oxide Adsorbents for Treatment of Arsenic
in Water. We know you don't care about stuff like that, but you would still
very much like to live in comfort on the Stevens campus and earn some hefty
change, all while doing what you do best - staying up all night writing

That's why we're proud to offer YOU the opportunity to spend the summer
programming online games using a revolutionary new API that links the user's
physical activity with their online statistics. You'll develop games that
literally get kids out of the couch and into better fitness regimens. Buff
your resume, build your portfolio, and cut the obesity rate. It's a win-win
situation! You also get a spiffy prototype to test (because you'd never make
people work out without doing it yourself... WOULD YOU?!)

Remember, this project will involve you designing and developing a game from
the ground up. If you don't have major experience in an object-oriented
programming language like ActionScript or C#, and have developed games
before, you might be in over your head. For more information, check out
it's #6.

You can also contact Seth Tropper, the man with the plan, directly at
stropper at stevens.edu or 201-406-2057.

Remember, Technogenesis sign-ups end this Friday, so make sure you get that
application in stat!

Zack Freedman
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