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Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Tue Apr 7 20:22:56 EDT 2009

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Shalom Alechem!

What makes this Boot Camp different from all other Boot Camps? Due to a
terrible chronological error, I forgot about Passover while planning the
Boot Camp schedule, and won't be on campus on Wednesday to give the fourth
Boot Camp session.

However, don't think that just because my gastrointestinal tract is being
clogged with Matza means you'll get to sleep this week. I've prepared an
extra-comprehensive PowerPoint that will teach you everything you need to
know about collections and iteration, as well as an absurdly comment-dense
Visual Studio project illustrating everything covered. After this lecture,
your brain will be bursting with non-acronymized goodness, and you'll put it
to work on a new, improved project. After, of course, you send me last
week's project at zfreedma at stevens.edu . You're not getting off the hook
that easily.

Now, I know how Stevens students operate. If the professor ain't there, you
don't take the notes or do the homework. That's why we're ratcheting the
SGDC Prize-o-Matic into overdrive - the Boot Camp 4 project that best
demonstrates the techniques covered thus far, and is just the most fun to
play, will WIN A COPY OF HALO WARS. I'll bet if CH112 did this, you'd be
able to titrate like a fiend. Caveat: If we can't get a copy of Halo Wars,
you'll get a copy of Halo 3 or Gears 2.

You can pick up an example of last week's project at
http://www.stevens.edu/sgdc/projects/boot_camp_week3.zip and this week's
notes at http://www.stevens.edu/sgdc/slides/boot_camp_week4.pptx . The
programming examples will be available as soon as I'm finished writing them
- keep your pants on! I'll be available all week (except Wednesday, duh) to
answer any questions - fire off an e-mail at zfreedma at stevens.edu .

foreach (Citizen c in America) {c.Liberty = true; c.Justice = true}
Zack Freedman
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