[Sgdc] Represent Your Club at Freshman Tea!

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Tue Apr 7 20:52:15 EDT 2009

Calling All Members!
As you almost certainly don't know, this Sunday is Freshman Tea, where all
of the cute, innocent freshmen who were gullible enough to seriously
consider Stevens as their secondary education stream through our gates and
peruse the fine RSO's our campus has to offer. Every club will be rollin'
out to reprezizzent, and of course, the coolest club table will belong this
club. We'll need all hands on deck to corral those impressionable
freshies-to-be and get 'em indoctrinated into our gang.

We need a few volunteers to help prepare, set up, run, take down, and fetch
hot dogs for our home base. Volunteers will need to be on campus, ready to
roll between about 10 AM and 8 PM next Sunday, 4/19/2009. Game-related
T-shirts certainly wouldn't hurt. To sign up, send me an e-mail at
zfreedma at stevens.edu!

Do a barrel roll,
Zack Freedman
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