[Sgdc] Boot Camp 5! And the Boot Camp 4 Notes are Actually Up!

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Wed Apr 15 00:26:35 EDT 2009

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Attention Boot Campers!

I realize that I've been shoving a lot down your throats in the last couple
of weeks, and I think you guys need a little time to digest. Tomorrow's Boot
Camp lecture will be a review session - we'll go over Project 3 and I'll
explain some of the concepts, and we'll review collections and iteration.

Please have the Week 3 project, the Asteroids clone, e-mailed to me by the
time the lecture starts. I'm getting sick of that project, and if I need to
look at another Rectangle BoundingBox; I'll have an aneurysm. The prize will
be given out during tomorrow's session - I will completely ignore any
projects sent afterwards.

Speaking of which, this week's notes were very difficult to put together and
upload - you can pick up the demonstration code at
http://stevens.edu/sgdc/projects/boot_camp_demo_week4.zip . Because of the
lateness, I'll cover everyone's questions in the lecture, and you have a
one-week extension on the Week 4 project, the Breakout clone. Make sure
that's e-mailed to me before next week if you want me to take a look at it,
give you comments and help, and be eligible to win Halo Wars!

As always, bring your laptop, your projects, and Visual Studio in your
quick-launch bar. In addition, bring a list of problems and questions you've
run into. Tomorrow's session is at the same time and same place - 9:00 PM in
Babbio 122.

She who is snarky is full of malarkey,
 Zack Freedman
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