[Sgdc] Boot Camp 6

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Mon Apr 20 16:52:22 EDT 2009

Developers, designers, and enthusiasts, lend me your ears...

Before I launch into a tyrade, I'd like to tip my hat at the SGDC executive
board and the membership, who put up an awesome show at Freshman Tea. I'd
also like to welcome the suckers... I mean prospective members, who have
been signed up to the club's mailing list. Even though most of the messages
aren't too relevant to non-students, feel free to sneak a peek at how the
SGDC works.

As all of you regular members (hopefully) know, we're coming to the end of
the semester, and thus the end of the SGDC Boot Camp. Your Breakout clones
are due on or around Wednesday's session, and will be judged over the
following week to be eligible for our Halo Wars contest! Polish them up and
send the entire project folder to zfreedma at stevens.edu . Remember to delete
the obj and bin folders, or I can't receive it!

Wednesday's lecture is a crazy one. We'll learn some advanced programming
concepts that will all but complete your C# ability, and we'll also spend
some time covering sound and music. If time permits, we'll get into state
machines, menu structures, and controlling the game speed.

As always, the meeting is at 9:00 this Wednesday in Babbio 122.
Frog blast the vent core,
Zack Freedman
Stevens Business/Technology Junior
President, Stevens Game Development Club
Prospective Game Designer/Producer
"Only those who aren't rowing have time to shake the boat."
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