[Sgdc] A Message from the President

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Fri Mar 6 04:01:04 EST 2009

Salutations, SGDC members!

My name is Zack Freedman and I'm your new SGDC president. We all know
that the Stevens Game Development Club's events occur about as often
as new Half-Life 2 episodes and the executive board lags more than
Counter-Strike over dial-up. I'm here to pick up where last year's
board left off, and reboot the SGDC into something incredible.

The way I see it, the SGDC has the potential to easily become the most
active club on campus. You guys want to develop games - last year's
Imagine Cup kickoff had over 35 participants. You guys want to design
games - last year's pen-and-paper game-design workshop produced six
bombastic concepts. You guys want to make your ideas reality, bust
into the industry, and have fun the whole time. It's my job to know
what you want and make sure the SGDC delivers - and boy, will it

Our calendar is chock-full of in-depth lessons, intense game jams,
programs with industry veterans, and the occasional debate about
whether video games are art. We're going to have tighter
communication, better publicity, epicker LAN's, a slicker website,
greasier pizza, and more zombies. The SGDC is going to kick ass and
chew gum, and we're all out of gum.

Members, stay tuned for the onslaught of events coming your way,
including the first XNA Game Development Boot Camp, whose announcement
should arrive in your inbox in about 45 seconds. Direct any comments,
suggestions, ideas, and love letters to zfreedma at stevens.edu .

Henshin a go-go, baby!
Zack Freedman

PS We need a vice-president for the new exec board. Must be diligent,
organized, and immune to senioritis. Prior RSO experience is nice.
Gaming interest not required.

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