[Sgdc] Game Development Class! SGDC Boot Camp! Free!

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Fri Mar 6 04:13:25 EST 2009

Atten-hut! Dream of being a pro game developer? Have a killer game
idea you want to create? Have a passing interest in
Common-Object-Model-compliant object-oriented programming languages?
Enjoy picking up members of the opposite sex?

If yes, Uncle Sam wants YOU to enlist in the SGDC Game Development
Boot Camp! This grueling 8-week course will transform you from n00b
script kiddie to 1337 guru as you master C#, XNA, teamwork, and a hell
of a lot more.

No experience? No problem! SGDC Boot Camp starts from scratch and
builds your abilities with hands-on in-class projects; clear lectures
in plain English with plenty of pictures; homework that tests your
creativity as much as your code; and the grand finale, a 24-hour
coding war. You'll walk out able to develop your dream games for the
PC and 360!

Game Development Boot Camp is commandeered by the Stevens Game
Development Club and is totally FREE!* If you maggots are ready to
shape up, ship off to our first class on March 18 at 9:00 in Babbio
122, and bring a laptop. The course continues each Wednesday at the
same time and place. Hustle over to http://www.stevens.edu/sgdc for
more information, and keep your peepers peeled for the Facebook event!

*While the class itself is free, most projects require an Xbox 360
controller, which are available from the SGDC for $35. No rentals will
be provided. SGDC apologizes in advance for the absence of
sexuality-neutral terms in this correspondence, and for the lack of
content on its Web site. The latter will be fixed soon.

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