[Sgdc] Microsoft Student Partner! Are You Man Enough?

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Sun May 10 21:54:00 EDT 2009

Lady and Gentlemen;
In this day and age, the word "free" just doesn't carry the meaning it once
did. For example, in the sentence, "Become a Microsoft Student Partner in
the coming year, and get free stuff!", you immediately change "free stuff"
to "a free extra-large T-shirt and a monogrammed Frisbee". In reality, the
phrase more accurately  means, "free copies of Microsoft Office, Vista
Ultimate, Halo 3, a free laptop, and a paycheck".

Microsoft Student Partners represent the academic outreach liaisons that
leverage... oh, forget it. You attend the occasional seminar and pimp
Microsoft's stuff, they reward you handsomely for it. They say it'll consume
about 5 hours of your life a week, but that amount seems to be highly
variable, judging from the testimony of Stevens' resident MSP. It's a pretty
sweet deal, considering that most of the seminars are hands-on demos of
unreleased technology, which in the past have included Live Mesh, Surface,
and the NXE. It's also a well-known program that looks very snazzy on any
tech-sector resume, and hooks you up with all kinds of other Microsoft
Student Pimps. And did we mention the free games?

Apply today at http://www.student-partners.com or by sending an e-mail to
Ted, Stevens' current MSP, at treed at stevens.edu . Think of it as your own
way to stick it to The Man. Except that by The Man, I mean Apple.

With love and squalor,
Zack Freedman
Stevens Business/Technology Junior
President, Stevens Game Development Club
Prospective Game Designer/Producer
*Note: Free swag may include, in addition to aforemention hardware and
software, one or more XL T-shirts and/or Frisbees. We apologize for the
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