[Sgdc] Facebook Group and General Meeting!

Zack Freedman zfreedma at stevens.edu
Sat Oct 3 15:56:34 EDT 2009

Greetings, Earthlings!

You asked, SGDC delivers! Our members demanded general membership meetings,
and it has been done. Our first SGDC General Membership Meeting is on Monday
at 9:00, in Hayden Lounge. Come in for a laid-back chat about whatever is
interesting in the gaming world, show off your projects, or just shoot the
crap. It's an open forum for all SGDC members.

In this inaugural meeting, we'll open up by talking about whether violence
is necessary to make a good game. Bring a friend, some food, a board game,
whatever! Monday, 9:00, Hayden Lounge!

While you're at it, make sure you're a member of the SGDC Facebook group.
You'll get our events sent straight to your calendar and be able to connect
with new friends you meet at our events. Sign up at
invite your Stevens buddies.

Auf wiedersehen,
Zack Freedman
Stevens Business/Technology Junior
President, Stevens Game Development Club
Founder and Producer, Triple Six Studio
"Only those who aren't rowing have time to shake the boat."
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