[Sgdc] Learn to build game engines (CS 587)

Andrew Grapsas aagrapsas at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 11:06:52 EDT 2011

Hey, guys,

I'll be teaching CS 587 (Game Engine Design) in the Fall Semester.

Have you been stumbling through building your own game engines? Ever wonder
how professional game developers structure their code? Want some motivation
to get your own engine off the ground? Then CS 587 is perfect for you :) As
per last semester, students will independently craft their own engines with
their own unique goals and games in mind. Previously, we've had people work
in C#/XNA, Java/Android/OpenGL ES, and C++/OpenGL.

Why take the class from me? Well, I'm the original founder of the SGDC, I
worked as a systems and tools programmer for EA on Medal of Honor 2010, I
was a gameplay and animations engineer for THQ on Homefront, I've built half
a dozen facebook games for Arkadium, and I've crafted over a dozen engines
in my time ranging from C++/OpenGL, Java/OpenGL ES, C#/XNA, to ActionScript
on platforms ranging from 360, PS3, PC, to mobile. Oh, and I helped one of
my previous students get an internship in games.

Don't have the requirements? No problem :) You really don't need them.
E-mail me, and we'll get you signed in.

Class is held Thursday nights.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


~ Andrew
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