[Sgdc] Game Prototyping Events

Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Fri Nov 4 12:55:51 EDT 2011

With mini-LD coming up tonight, and it being early in the month, I thought
I'd share with you some other game development competitions.

Super Friendship Club Pageant #3:
The SFC Pageants are one month long, and occur every other month.

Experimental Gameplay Project Novermber 2011:
The EGP has been around for years and has resulted in many great games such
as Tower of Goo (the prototype that turned into World of Goo), Canabalt,
and Every Day the Same Dream. You have one week (not a strict limit but you
should follow it as a guideline anyways) to make a game, and it can be any
week during the month. This is announced at the start of every month.

- Kenny
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