[Sgdc] Today's Meeting

dkatz at stevens.edu dkatz at stevens.edu
Wed Sep 7 01:34:21 EDT 2011

Hey guys!

Sorry I canceled on you today :-( I had a lot of homework and the weather was terrible; I figured I probably not the only one who didn't want to go out in it. Anyway, a quick, simple digest of what I was planning on talking about...

1. I was gonna show demos of the games we built last year, but we'll put that off to next week.

2. There's a Kinect SDK now available and we have a Kinect. Enough said.

3. I think there's a Mini Ludum Dare coming up in a week or two. Can anybody confirm or deny this (Kenny)? If so, who wants in??

4. I want to start C++ Lessons asap. Would Sundays at 3pm work for people?

5. We should totally do like a...practice Ludum Dare thing. Like 4-5hrs locked in a room, building tech and games. We'll discuss this more next week.

That's about it for now. Keep coding!
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