[Sgdc] Art Classes for Game Devs

fdicola fdicola at stevens.edu
Wed Apr 4 14:24:49 EDT 2012

Hey guys,

It's Frank! Since you are all probably registering for classes today or 
tomorrow, here are some interesting options you guys might be interested 
in! You won't get credit for them unless you are an Art major or minor, 
but they do count for electives - and they're awesome!!


HAR 330 Animation I (11557) - Intro to modeling, mapping, animating, 
and rigging in Autodesk Maya. Since Maya is free, this would be great
for you guys to know! This software is so much more than just making 
models for game assets, and this is a good introduction to the
software. Just like a programming language, once you know one 3D 
software, you basically know them all.

HAR 460 Interactive Installations (11490) - This class is about 
programming micro controllers with a program called Processing. I
figured you guys would appreciate the opportunity to work with 
Arduinos, so if there is no CS class for this, now is your
chance to take this class! It will not be offered for another two years 
if you miss it.


Both of these classes start late in the day and end by 7 or 8, so if 
you like night classes and you need to fit something else into your 
schedule, don't wait too long to register! See you all next week.

-Frank DiCola

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