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Wed Apr 4 20:26:14 EDT 2012

Sent to me by my friend Mike. Stop by tonight, it's really casual!



If you haven't noticed, there is an incredible tech startup scene in NYC
that is home to some of the most amazing startups in the world --
Foursquare, Tumblr, Meetup, Etsy, Kickstarter. There is a significant gap
between the Stevens curriculum and definition of entrepreneurship compared
to what it is like to work at a startup or even start a company of your own.

That's why we have created Stevens Startup Society. It is a great way to
bridge that gap and learn about startups, entrepreneurship, and the NYC
tech scene. The group is open to any Stevens students or alumni and is led
by John Petersen, cofounder of NY Tech Day and MailManhattan and project
manager at NYC on Rails (a Ruby on Rails development shop).

Join us every Wednesday night at 9:00pm at the Stevens Library to talk
startups and learn what the NYC tech community is all about. For more
information or to join the group, email john at nytechday.com.
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