[Sgdc] Accepted Students Day

Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Mon Apr 16 14:13:45 EDT 2012

It is this upcoming Sunday from 2-4pm. I don't know if we need to book a
table or whatever, I think they just give us one (Dan please confirm this).

We need bodies, a poster, flyers, and games to show off.

I'll talk about this more at the meeting, but since this is last minute (I
wish I knew about the dates sooner), it would be awesome if we could get
some people pick up a big poster board thing, make and print flyers, and
let us borrow extension cords/laptops/monitors to show off our games.

If you have time before the meeting tomorrow and are good at art things
(Frank and Willy I'm looking at you), please try to throw together a
flyer/poster design.

I have a mac in my room I can bring, and my laptop, so that should be
enough, but I'd rather have a newer freshman laptop to use because mine

If anyone has extension cords/surge protectors we can borrow that would be

Games I'd like to see there:
Yeah Jam Fury!
Imagine Cup games (Bear Game and Garbage Snake)
LD games from that weekend (if we can show off some of these to show off
what we can do in one weekend that's perfect)
Anything else worth showing

Make Games [and use big fonts to get people's attention],
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