[Sgdc] Spring 2013 CS 587: Game Engine Architecture

Andrew Grapsas aagrapsas at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 12:27:38 EST 2012

Hey, all!

I hope you're having a great end to the semester. I just wrapped up
teaching CS 543 (Principles of Computer Mediated Entertainment) with a crew
of wonderful students. They shipped 4 products (including 3 games) on
Android, delivered 1 game to Newgrounds, 1 game to Kongregate, and a final
desktop game.

In Spring 2013 I will be teaching my patent pending world famous Game
Engine Architecture class. Highlights include:

   - In-class code reviews (you'll learn more about writing code during
   these than any other time at Stevens)
   - Complete A-Z overviews and in-depth conversations on how real, honest
   to God triple-A game engines are built
   - The most code you will write at Stevens (engines are large beasts;
   but, building one from start to finish is immensely educational and
   - Learn about actor/controller, data-driven design, content pipelines,
   scene partitioning and organization, collision systems and resolution,
   event bus architecture, multi-tier architecture, input design, gameplay
   programming, game AI & pathfinding, weapon & gameplay systems, sound
   engines, network engineering, and way, way, way more!
   - At the end of the semester, you'll have a shipped product capable of
   being demoed to future employers (critical)
   - Garner a deep understanding of game engineering

If you're interested and do not have the requirements, send me an e-mail (
aagrapsas at gmail.com) and we can talk about your experience and passion and
see about getting you signed into the class.

For those that do not know, I am an adjunct professor at Stevens. I was the
original founder of the SGDC back when I went to Stevens. I have worked on
triple-A shooters for Electronic Arts and THQ as a systems engineer, tools
engineer, and gameplay programmer. I have shipped over a dozen games on
every contemporary platform you can think of. I'm an engineering manager at
a venture-backed games start up in Manhattan (meaning I hire, fire, review
mountains of code, and lead the building of complex, large, immensely
utilized systems that support millions of users).

So, feel free to reach out!

Thank you!

~ Andrew
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