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I agree whole heartedly about this. Kenny, me, Ryan (for part of the
course), and a few others took this class. This is probably one of the best
courses you can actually take at Stevens, even if you aren't into game
development (though, if you aren't into game development then you probably
will have no clue what is being talked about).


You will get a very healthy dose of reality when taking this class.


If you get the chance, TAKE THIS CLASS! If you want to make games, you will
regret not taking this class.


Also, Andrew is awesome :D




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Hey, all!


I hope you're having a great end to the semester. I just wrapped up teaching
CS 543 (Principles of Computer Mediated Entertainment) with a crew of
wonderful students. They shipped 4 products (including 3 games) on Android,
delivered 1 game to Newgrounds, 1 game to Kongregate, and a final desktop


In Spring 2013 I will be teaching my patent pending world famous Game Engine
Architecture class. Highlights include:

*	In-class code reviews (you'll learn more about writing code during
these than any other time at Stevens)
*	Complete A-Z overviews and in-depth conversations on how real,
honest to God triple-A game engines are built
*	The most code you will write at Stevens (engines are large beasts;
but, building one from start to finish is immensely educational and
*	Learn about actor/controller, data-driven design, content pipelines,
scene partitioning and organization, collision systems and resolution, event
bus architecture, multi-tier architecture, input design, gameplay
programming, game AI & pathfinding, weapon & gameplay systems, sound
engines, network engineering, and way, way, way more!
*	At the end of the semester, you'll have a shipped product capable of
being demoed to future employers (critical)
*	Garner a deep understanding of game engineering

If you're interested and do not have the requirements, send me an e-mail
(aagrapsas at gmail.com) and we can talk about your experience and passion and
see about getting you signed into the class.


For those that do not know, I am an adjunct professor at Stevens. I was the
original founder of the SGDC back when I went to Stevens. I have worked on
triple-A shooters for Electronic Arts and THQ as a systems engineer, tools
engineer, and gameplay programmer. I have shipped over a dozen games on
every contemporary platform you can think of. I'm an engineering manager at
a venture-backed games start up in Manhattan (meaning I hire, fire, review
mountains of code, and lead the building of complex, large, immensely
utilized systems that support millions of users).


So, feel free to reach out!


Thank you!


~ Andrew

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