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Kenny Goff goff.kenneth at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 11:06:30 EST 2013

Also, check out this useful guide, made for Ludum Dare:

I will also leave a book "The Game Jam Survival Guide" by Ludum Dare
veteran Christer Kaitila in the Linux Lab all weekend.

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 11:00 AM, Kenny Goff <goff.kenneth at gmail.com> wrote:

> *TL;DR: No tl;dr! Read this if you plan to compete. Sorry its a lot of
> info. If you don't plan to compete, then just don't, I guess...*
> The theme for the Game Jam will be announced at 8:00pm tonight, Friday,
> November 22. You are not to write any code, art any art, or compose any
> music or sounds before then. All assets of the game must be made from
> scratch. You have until 8:00pm on Sunday, November 24 to complete it.
> You may use an existing code base, as long as does not include gameplay
> code and is available to all participants. For example, using an engine
> like Unity is allowed. Using a generic physics or graphics library/code you
> wrote is allowed. Using code for a portal gun you made for a specific other
> game is NOT allowed. Teams are allowed. However, it is recommended not to
> exceed 3 people.
> Submit the game by emailing sgdc at stevens.edu with your submission. This
> can be a zip file, link to a web page, etc. Please include setup
> instructions if there are any.
> There will be 3 judges. Myself and two undisclosed (because I haven't
> decided) others. We will judge your game on the following categories:
> Overall, Innovation, Theme, Fun, Graphics/Audio, Technical. The winners
> will be decided on an average of all the categories.
> There are prizes (Visa Gift Cards): 1st Place is $50, 2nd is $25, 3rd is
> $10.
> Following is the schedule for when the Linux Lab will be open. This could
> change slightly. So check your email if you plan on coming in. An E-Board
> member will keep an email thread updated with whether or not the room is
> open. Email the contact listed below if you get locked out. *REMINDER: You
> don't *have* to be in the Linux Lab to compete, but we will have it open
> for those who would like*
> Friday:
> 7:00pm - 1am (contact Vinnie at vsimonet at stevens.edu)
> Saturday:
> 12pm - 7pm (contact Frank at fdicola at stevens.edu)
> 9pm - 1am (contact Vinnie)
> Sunday:
> 12pm - 9:00pm (contact Frank)
> Make Games (in 48 hours),
> Kenny
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