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On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 2:25 PM, Kevin Quigley <kquigley at stevens.edu> wrote:

> Hello SGDC!
> I apologize for the late notice and lack of communication throughout this
> summer, there were some minor issues transitioning the e-board on the
> mailing list and such.  Additionally, I personally have been busy. Anyway,
> hopefully you are all enjoying your summers and have been working on some
> awesome new games and projects to display in a few weeks upon our return to
> school.
> Next weekend, Friday 7/8/14 to Sunday 7/10/14, SGDC will be hosting a
> VIRTUAL GAMEJAM (in the spirit of getting back into things and such)! New
> members are welcome, tell your friends!  At 8 pm next Friday I will be
> sending an email with the "secret theme" for the jam and also be starting a
> Google Hangout that will be live throughout the entire weekend.  It should
> be noted that I will NOT be at my computer for this entire time but will
> leave the call running. If you wish to participate in the call (which you
> should because it is the social element of the event), then simply email
> the alias, SGDC at stevens.edu, and request that someone add you.  If you
> are not currently part of the Facebook group, then join it at
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/433857053307661/ so that we can share our
> finished projects.
> Rules:
> Submissions will be due Sunday at 6 pm. There are only nominal prizes, no
> gift cards for this one :(
> To submit a game, email the best method of playing it to SGDC at stevens.edu
> All assets (source code, art, music, etc.) should be new and original but
> if you wish to borrow one or two minor assets (a sound effect, background
> music, etc) it's understandable.  It's no fun if you use too many
> unoriginal assets though.
> Enjoy the rest of your summers and I hope to see some of you via Google
> next weekend!
> -Kevin Quigley
> SGDC President
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